Head into the Backwoods with an Ultralight Shelter

The ability to get away from areas of easy access is an integral element of success for many hunters. Not only do they find fewer hunters, but more game pushed deep into more remote areas from hunters who hunt near places of easy access. Using a spike camp is an ideal way to achieve the remote hunting goal, even if for a few days. This versatile shelter has great promise with minimal packing weight. Here’s a review from Gear Junkie.


Do you winter camp or backcountry camp – solo, with friends, family or your pup? Are you tired of freezing your butt off on cold nights? If so, then you’re probably using a bunch of different tents. Here’s one that can do it all.

Lil’ Bug Out: Versatility

The Lil’ Bug Out Shelter from Seek Outside is designed as a customizable, component-based system comprising a base, connecting tarp, two- or three-piece vestibule, and an interior nest handy for buggy summer nights… [continued]

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