An axe is as synonymous with camping as a tent, yet using Paul Bunyan’s favorite tool can be dangerous.

I was once given the chore of splitting a pile of wood for our wilderness camp. I began with single-stroke splits. Suddenly, the handle came down, but the axe head flew through the air. Despite a maddening search, the handle was never found.

Splitting wood is important, so it’s great to see that Field & Stream has come up with a safer method.

As any outdoorsman knows, dry kindling is a fundamental for building a fire. That said, splitting fine kindling from a larger piece of wood can be dangerous, especially in a backcountry setting. Far too many people (including myself, at times) try the quickly-move-your-hand-out-of-the-way method of splitting fine kindling. But one slip of a sharp axe can result in significant injury. To avoid potential harm while generating dry kindling, try contact splitting, wherein your hands are never near the axe blade.​.. [continued]

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