Morel Season is Coming

Before you know it, morels will be popping up out of the ground.

Some years are better for finding these delicacies than others. But if you have some tricks up your sleeves, you’ll have a better chance of finding morels. Even when the rest of the hunters aren’t.

Mike Krebill and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has put together 50 tips for finding more morels this spring.

The chances of finding morels improve when daytime temperatures reach the 60s and nighttime temperatures are in the 50s. More specifically, a soil temperature of 53 degrees is the time to start looking. Variables affecting ground warmth include type of soil (well-drained sandy soils warm up more quickly than clay), the degree that the ground slopes and its aspect (whether the slope faces north or south), the amount of sun or shade, soil moisture and the time of day. Soil temperature at one location can vary as much as eight degrees a day… [continued]

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