The Summer Olympic Games happen every four years, and most sports enthusiasts can’t get enough. This summer, look for archery to get much more attention than in the past. With a bow and arrow so prominent in The Hunger Games series and heroes like Chewbacca toting a crossbow in Star Wars, people are excited about the sport in ways that are nearly unprecedented.

Four years ago archery was the most-watched sport of the London 2012 Olympic Games. The sleek equipment, high-pressure shoot-offs, and athletes’ unrelenting poise under pressure attracted over 1.5 million viewers like moths to a flame. With the 2016 Rio Games approaching, archery could crush its 2012 viewing record.

Thanks to technology, media coverage of archery is easier and more direct than ever, whether you prefer Snapchat, live-stream or conventional TV. Whatever your preferred media, make sure you tune in the Olympics’ hottest sport. Here’s why… [continued]

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