Bandanas: Not Useless Afterall

Have you ever wondered how bandanas became a thing?

I imagine just about everyone has a bandana or two in the back of a sock drawer somewhere. But what are they good for? If you’ve ever asked yourself these important questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Sure, they can keep the sweat from running down your face, or you can use them to blow your nose (Ugh!). But it might surprise you to find that there are many uses for this simple piece of cloth.

Outdoor Life‘s Tim MacWelch has put together 25 mostly practical uses for a bandana.

1. Signal – a bright colored bandana can be hung up as a flag over a campsite that might be lost in tight brush or tall grasses, or swing it around on a stick as a signal flag.

2. Bag – tie opposing corners together to make a bag to carry all sorts of loose items…

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SOURCEOutdoor Life
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