America has discovered the simplicity and fun of paddling a kayak.  Once a symbol for white water, swirling rapids, and danger, the kayak of 2017 is used as a pleasure craft like a canoe.  Field & Stream, for example offers a full line of kayaks to single paddle, double paddle and fishing at very modest prices.

Easy In Easy Out

The beauty of a kayak as a boat is its ease of launch.  The slender crafts can be carried in the bed of a truck or on top of a car with a special carrying attachments.  You don’t need a trailer, a special license, or a trailer hitch.  Although some models are designed specifically for fishing, a single person can cast a line from many types of kayaks.

Fresh or Salt

I had a chance to try sea kayaking along the Alaskan coastline and instantly fell in love.  My 16-year-old grandson and I received a 40-minute lesson and we were on our own.  We were able to silently paddle up to birds and mammals for incredible photographs.  I was a bit nervous about taking my expensive camera with me, but quickly learned that it was workable as well.  Additionally, it felt great to physically keep up with the teenager who was a fraction of my age.

Get the Gear

It’s a wonderful feeling to paddle a kayak with friends or as a solitary experience.  This post by Bill O’Brian of the US Fish & Wildlife Service will take you around the country to some of our most pristine Fish & Wildlife Reserves.  If you’ve ever considered owning a kayak, this will make up your mind.  Be sure to think of safety as you take the plunge, no pun intended. You will need a life vest, paddles, a waterproof pouch for valuables, and other amenities that are easily available from your kayak vender.  Peruse this post and you’ll quickly see how magnificent a paddle trip can be.