Memories make at lakes can last a lifetime.  It’s no wonder that lakefront property sells for multiple time other real-estate because it’s where people want to live and recreate.  As a camper, you can enjoy the many amenities and exciting recreation of still waters without breaking the bank.  Fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing and motorboating are just a few adventures the whole family will enjoy.

Consider a Kayak

The Shadow Caster is so stable a person can stand and fish.

You can fish from the shores of most lakes, yet it’s much more fun cruising the water in a kayak.  These plastic craft are lightweight, easily transported and will meet all of the lake boating restrictions, such as “no gasoline motors.”  Even a large family can enjoy a couple of kayaks as you take turns and explore with a family member.  Be sure to get the necessary accessories such as a life vest and an orange boat flag so that power boats can see you well in advance.  If you are avid fisherman, you may want to try a specialized kayak, such as the Shadow Caster by Field & Stream.

Beat the Heat

As summer heats up, lakes are an ideal place to cool off.  Many allow swimming and all can benefit from the on-shore breeze that naturally air conditions a campsite.  Children can easily get so involved in lake activities that they forget to freshen their sunscreen.  This post from lists 10 fantastic lakes to stimulate your imagination.  Whether you travel to one of these all-star destination or the local lake by a park, it’s a camper’s paradise:

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than cooling off in a lake. There are lakes scattered across the country that offer a variety of experiences to take the heat off when temperatures soar. These 10 cool lakes feature plenty of amenities to please everyone in the crowd, not to mention provide scenic backdrops to enhance your lake vacation.