I don’t care how fast you think you are, you can’t run faster than even the slowest bear. The worst thing you can do when encountering any bear is to try and run away. All this ends up doing is provoking an attack.

Outdoor Life‘s Tyler Freel has the amazing story of survival of an Alaskan bear attack.

It seems like every spring here in Alaska, we are faced with stark reminders of how dangerous bears can be. Especially in the spring, after a winter of not really having to worry about it, we can get really complacent. It’s been a somewhat early spring here this year, and already there have been at least two confirmed maulings by either grizzlies or brown bears… [continued]

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Photo: Bob Eder

SOURCEOutdoor Life
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  1. Lived in Alaska from 1975-1984, traveled and lived (2-3 months at a time) in villages from Barrow to Unalaska,and Nome Metlakatla.
    Being AWARE, at all times is KEY to SURVIVING. Its still NATURE, and this is the AFRICA of NORTH AMERICA (CANADA included) Watched Many Bears, Wolves,Lynx.
    Moose and Caribou can be very dangerous. SURVIVING IS THE NAME OF LIFE!