mqdefault[8]Interacting with nature demands respect.

Unfortunately, this video demonstrates a total lack of that ethic.

Water places most land animals at a disadvantage, and this thrill-seeker goes way beyond the limits of good judgement and reasonable conduct.

Riding a moose may seem like a stunt from a Wild West movie, yet it’s a serious violation of Canadian law.

See if you can recognize the offender and help bring this matter to a close.

What do you think should be done with this man if he’s ever identified? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. I am appalled, as a hunter, at the actions of these idiots. They need to all be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It shows they have not one bit of respect for our beautiful wildlife. The stupid idiot wouldn’t have dared tried that on land. Too bad. He would have had his ass stomped into the dirt! Think before you act!!!! None of these guys should ever have boating or camping privileges ever again!!

  2. You dont suppose alcohol or pot had anything to due with this abusive behavior. I know this is harsh but its a shame that nature didnt take its course with this idiot. Maybe a good moose stomping is what this cretan needs. I certainly hope that the Provo’s find not only the rider but also the operator and owner of the boat. Arrests and confiscation would be in order. Life is hard , really hard when your stupid.

  3. Tie him (and those in the boat) to that same moose on dry land – then he can see things from the moose’s perspective – if he lives !

  4. No harm no foul. I’d have done it too, you only live once and opertunity like that don’t come ovten. What a story to tell the grandkids.

  5. So what he rode on the moose back big deal, he wasn’t trying to hurt it or drown it or anything! He didn’t poach it he didn’t shoot it he didn’t kill it he rode on its back get a life people

    • agree people are so worried that he harmed it he was lucky he didnt get seriously hurt by this moose. but really 100K fine ya that is totally stupid

  6. Should probably buy him a beer… That was ballsie… And funny and it didn’t hurt the animal… Calm down its only a bit of fun

  7. I am a hunter to, big deal. This doesn’t bother me in any way. No harm to the animal. No different then someone swimming with a dolphin

  8. The very fact that we actually NEED a LAW to tell people not to try anything this utterly stupid is indication enough that we have overstepped the boundaries of good sense. Repeal the law and just let nature take it’s course. Stop protecting Darwin’s chosen from themselves, and we will have a far better society in the long run. And as to what to do if we catch him? Sink his damn boat.

  9. So it is cruel to jump on the back of a
    Moose but ok to jump
    On the back of a horse? That thing probably didn’t even notice him on its back. Calm down people !!!