Kebabs are one of the tastiest and simplest means of preparing a meal, especially in the outdoors. Skew pieces of meat and vegetables on a stick and lay them over a fire. Simple. Marinades, seasonings, and other factors play a part, yet the roasting effect really brings out the flavor in fauna and flora. David Draper lays out three delicious recipes in this Field & Stream article.

Travel anywhere in the world, including to most hunting camps, and you’re bound to find some type of meat on a stick. While the names and ingredients may differ from culture to culture, the cooking method is universal—and so are the delicious results.

Wild Boar Souvlak

A marinade of olive oil, garlic, oregano, and lemon hits the hog with a bright burst of classic Greek flavors. Perfect for a midsummer cookout when cherry tomatoes are ripe… [continued]

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SOURCEField & Stream
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