Although camping may not be on your winter agenda, now’s a great time to plan for next year and perhaps use a bit of your holiday cash. The Turbo Tent is a great family product and an outstanding “fantasy camp” for any media room, garage, or backyard adventure. Part of getting family members into camping is the fun of sleeping in the cool tent surroundings, and this one sets up in a minute or less. Once the family has fun inside, the transfer to the outdoors becomes easy. Here are some of the features that make this tent an extremely portable and stable camping staple:
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* The Turbo-Tent has a completely waterproof and bug-proof floor that’s sealed with heat tape and double stitched.

* Its four-season design will stand up to snow and high winds with tests up to 70 mph.

* Quick set-up and takedown, ideal for a late-night pitch or tear down.

* Lightweight tent poles and frame make for easy transport.

* Superior construction with a world-patented design.

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