Cold-Weather Camping

If there’s a cold outdoor sleep in your future, check out this new product by Polarmond. It features the three most important elements of a cold weather camping system: waterproof shelter, warm sleeping bag, and pad.

Polarmond’s All-In-One sleep system

Swiss startup Polarmond’s All-In-One sleep system rolls all three factors into one powerhouse sleeping bag. It provides a good night’s sleep at temperatures down to -22° F (-30° C).

The chamber’s outer shell is built from a waterproof-breathable material that protects from wind and rain while allowing excess interior water vapor to escape. That shell fabric is lined with a layer of high-loft fleece insulation designed to keep warm air inside. A sleeping pad provides both insulation and cushioning underneath the occupant.

Inside the chamber, a sleep liner plays the role of blanket, providing soft, breathable next-to-skin warmth.

Some inner moisture escapes out of the zipper-adjustable ventilation port that sits about neck level. That port also serves to regulate the temperature inside.

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  1. Tents nowawdays don’t come with sleeping pads so you don’t ave to sleep on the hard ground. this dosen’t come equiped with one either and it’s not priced Reasonably????

  2. Where is it available & how expensive is it for the simple fact I am a single father and I have to watch how much we spend but we love to go camping if nothing more than just a weekend