Alaska and wilderness areas of the West are among the most enjoyable environments to recreate. Hiking, jogging, or walking in such splendid surroundings makes a normally routine exercise seem special.

However, such places are the home of grizzly bears, which means that a person can never be too careful. Every bear attack is a life-threatening event, as two Alaska residents recently discovered.

Fortunately, one of them had been specifically trained about bear attacks and used techniques that saved his life. Get the details in this post from OutdoorHub.

Alaska Bear one 049 - Copy - CopyAn Alaska National Guardsman may very well owe his life to the protective gear he was wearing when he was attacked by a bear Sunday morning at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson near Anchorage. Base officials announced on their Facebook page that the victim was involved in a land navigation exercise in a training area near the base when he came across a female brown bear and her cubs. The victim has been identified by the Associated Press as Sergeant Lucas Wendeborn.

“It appeared that he and the bear startled each other,” National Guard spokesperson Major Candis Olmstead told reporters.

Olmstead added that soldiers training in the exercise had been given a compass and map to aid them in navigating the area.

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