Bear attacks usually occur when people stumble into the domain of a bear, especially one that is guarding a fresh kill or a sow with cubs.

In this terrifying GoPro video posted on YouTube, an enormous grizzly chases a man on a bicycle. Even huge bears can burst to 35 miles per hour for short distances. It appears the biker is getting away until there’s a log in the road.

Tell us what you think. Is this the real deal? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. Video is a Fake. Notice how it doesnt bounce everytime a looks at the bear. Video is very bumpy then is clear and still when he looks back at bear.

  2. That video is fake. Here is why: 1. There is no biker who can out ride a grizzly on a mountain bike, on a flat (not downhill) uneven surface, where they can hit maybe 20 mph at best and the bear can do 30+ mph. 2. The background does not match the bear during segments of the video when it is chasing him. 3. Grizzly bears have better sense of smell than a dog. There is no way that hiding behind a tree would in any way fool that bear. If it wanted him, it would have eaten him. 4. He does not swear or pray nearly enough. If you are being chased by that Goliath like that you would be cussing up a storm, or pleading to the almighty.

  3. I don’t think its real why not bunny hop that little log, I think it was clipped together. The bear would have not lost site of him, sweating he would have been easy to smell. And how hard he was panting. Maybe it was real, and the bear was playing grand theft bicycle. Seemed awfully eager to run after him so far and just give up. The only other thing that would make sense was if biker had food on bike and that was the reason the bear gave up. But to give up the edge of the bike and run away on foot. Something smells fishy, but truth can be stranger than fiction. Guess the bear wanted his nice shiny bike