No matter how hard you try, you can’t be in multiple places at once. Or can you? Though science hasn’t advanced far enough to clone ourselves just yet, technological advances in the form of trail cameras can help hunters narrow down their options when it comes time to choose a spot to hunt gobblers. J.J. Reich explains how to place trail cameras for wild turkeys, and how placing trail cameras for turkeys is different than placing them to capture images of deer or larger game.

game-cameras-turkey Photo credit J.J. Reich

Position your cameras low and straight. Turkeys aren’t as tall as deer, so place a camera only two feet above the ground. Point the laser straight, so the camera takes photos all the way out to maximum distance. Setting a camera high and angling it down will limit its field of view and reduce the number of birds you’ll ‘catch.’

Set your cameras to take multiple photos in sequence. Once a camera is triggered, you want it to take a series of photos. Turkeys are always on the move, so this gives you a better chance of getting a good photo.

Photos: Don, Chasing Game (top); J.J. Reich (above)