Bears are a problem in many parts of the country, yet especially so in Alaska, where the giant grizzlies and brown bears roam. Humans enjoy water activities, but that’s where bears find much of their food, making conflict inevitable.

This video chronicles the plight of a young woman whose only means of transportation is in the jaws of a bear. She pleads emotionally, perhaps hysterically, for the bruin to stop ruining her gear with little effect. What would you have done? Watch the drama unfold.

How would you have handled this situation? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


  1. What an idiot.. call attention to yourself and tell the bear to come to you then pepper spray him. The bear wouldn’t be going after it unless it smelled like food. Take better precautions when in the wilderness. Judging from the walkway there’s probably a cabin behind her. Go inside instead of talking to the bear like a ditz and pepper spraying him. SMH

  2. Like a bear understands English, WHAT A DUMB LADY!!! And the scary part is there’s actually a lot of people out there like this, that are totally clueless about animals.

  3. Oh my god she is so annoying! I had the turn the sound off after listening to her annoying voice for 5 seconds! Lol!
    First of all if she cares that much about her kayak she should have put it away in a storage shed.
    There is nothing you can do, unless you have a gun you can shoot it, otherwise just let the bear do its thang.

  4. Girl- I’m going to pepper spray you in the face. That’s what I’m going to do

    Bear – ouch that hurt! Ok I get it I will leave you alone. What’s this thing looks like fun

    Girl – no come here stay away from the kayak

    Bear – you just told me to leave you alone and sprayed me in the face! Why would I come back to you? And what’s a kayak?

    This girl is out of control. You have to live in With these creatures. After all they lived there before you did. I hate that humans feel like animals are the problem when we invaded their habitat and expect them to play by our rules. Then you get people like this that have no idea what they are doing, make it the Bears fault, then next thing you know there is a debate on if they should kill it or relocate it. Just sad.

  5. Clearly she does not expect for the bear to understand what she’s saying, but most of the time black bears in southern southeast Alaska will run away if they feel threatened, i.e. yelled at. She could have used the bear spray better, but that should still have been enough to scare the bear. Obviously her kayak is going to smell like food if it is her only mode of transportation for the next few days/weeks. This particular location has no cabin.

    Who is the clueless one?

  6. After listening to her for 10 seconds I know why she was on a solo trip. Poor bear, I apologize on behalf of the rest of us humans!

  7. Common sense tells me to avoid camping close to feeding areas in bear country. We double-bag all scented items (including toothpaste & citronella), as well as using our airtight containers for food storage.

    Respect their home. Be responsible.

    Oh, pepper spray will just piss them off, so this inexperienced traveler was lucky. Does she realize that, with later winters & earlier springs, bears are forging longer?

    If you’re in the bear’s path, talk softly, avoid eye contact & back away slowly. If the bear comes into camp, keep your distance & clammer pots. Bears usually avoid people following the rules of nature.