Poison ivy is prevalent across the East Coast; if you can’t identify it, you’re destined for the itch of your life. If you and your family plan to be outside this summer, even in your back yard, make sure that everyone can identify this three-leaf culprit as well as the vines that nurture it. The following video tells you what you need to know to avoid this perennial problem, and also includes natural remedies should you “catch” the itch.

Do you have any homemade remedies that have helped with poison ivy? If so, share them in the comments section below.

Photo: Bass Pro Shops


  1. We’ll im 43 years old and just got into some poison ivy. I talked to some of my older hunt club buddies and one suggested that I eat yes eat a poison ivy leaf. At first I told him he was crazy. This gentleman is in his 70’s and that he had been doing it since the late 70’s. He swore to me it would help. So he went over picked a 3 leaf section of poison ivy and ate one leaf handed me the rest. I did eat them 24 hours later most of the rash and blisters have diminished to nothing and within 12 hours or so all itching had ceased to exist. Now of course I don’t recommend if you are the slight bit allergic to the stuff but I swear it worked for me.
    It really had no taste but it definitely didn’t taste bad. Good luck