Americans are increasingly interested in the benefits of silencers for firearms. They reduce recoil and dramatically lower the decibels of report. One of the major hurdles of building a shooting range is the noise it produces, often causing ranges to be constructed in very remote and inconvenient places. Silencers change that dynamic and are especially helpful for organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America, which can now teach gun safety and marksmanship in a much more ear-friendly environment. Read the full report.

Many young boys learn shooting skills from the Boy Scouts.  Silencers will help reduce the risk of hearing loss.
Many young boys learn shooting skills from the Boy Scouts. Silencers will help reduce the risk of hearing loss.

Several leading firearms and accessory manufacturers have teamed up to help make a Maine Boy Scout camp one of the quietest in the nation by becoming the first to teach firearms safety and marksmanship using suppressors.

Gemtech, which makes suppressors and subsonic ammunition for pistols and rifles has teamed up with Sturm, Ruger & Co. to provide ammo, cans and 10 All American .22 LR rifles to Camp William Hinds in Raymond, Maine, to help mitigate noise on the range during summer camp activities for Boy Scouts, Venture Scouts and Cub Scouts earning their firearms qualifications and competing in shooting sports events.

“Training new Scouts the safe, responsible enjoyment of shooting sports is greatly enhanced by reducing the decibels of gunshots,” Joe Debergalis, Chairman of the NRA’s Education and Training Committee, told the Windham Eagle newspaper. “This is a superb initiative that will enable Scouts to improve their skills while teaching them respect for their environment.”

SOURCEGrand View Outdoors
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