Whether you want a warm weather boot for summer hiking, scouting for game, or double dipping for pre-season and actual hunting, your choices have never been greater. Important elements of warm weather boots include breathability, so that you feet won’t sweat while walking  This also becomes a plus for hunting boots since foot odor builds less quickly. It’s always worth the extra money to opt for a light, waterproof membrane. This chart from Backpacker magazine will help you narrow your search to precisely the boot that best fits your needs, no pun intended.

Backpacker‘s annual Gear Guide is a must read for enthusiastic outdoor enthusiasts. If you want the total scoop on all footwear, check out this “shoe chart,” which lists footwear from many, many manufacturers, with products organized by primary use and then by price. Categories of foot gear include mountaineering, rough trail, sport sandals, technical scrambling, trail, trail running, and water shoes.

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