A New Super Preadator

Coyotes are a big enough of a problem without adding to it, but it’s getting worse.

When the Eastern wolf starts breeding with domestic dogs and coyotes, the problem is getting bad. Introducing the coywolf.

With more than a million of these canines running freely in the Northeast, they’re quite noticeable throughout urban areas. This is because their DNA has domestic dog in the mix.

The Economist reports that in the relative absence of mountain lions and Eastern wolves, a new breed of canine, known as the coywolf (commonly called the Eastern coyote) has established itself as the apex predator of the Northeast. According to, biologists believe this new creature first appeared 50 to 70 years ago. The species is the result of Eastern wolves (a smaller species of wolf more closely related to coyotes than to the timber wolves of western North America) interbreeding with coyotes and large domestic dogs. Roland Kays of North Carolina State University believes that there are now more than a million of the adaptive, urban-savvy canids in the Northeast. โ€œ[This is an] amazing contemporary evolution story thatโ€™s happening right underneath our nose,โ€ said Dr. Kays… [continued]

Photo: Wikipedia Commons/Forest Wander

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  1. We’ve been dealing with these pests for decades here in the South. We don’t “make them uncomfortable”, we shoot them! And yes, coyotes, coydogs, and coywolves are dangerous! If they get hungry enough, they WILL attack you!

  2. well my 110 akita has killed 2 coyotes in my yard here in florida ,bring on your coywolf,with my 30’06 and Bear my trusty dog, who now has a taste for coyotes, we r willing to take out more of them

  3. Yes they can be real pests coming from someone who has grown up in the country. They have made meals of many of my cats and the cottontail rabbits and each time a cat disappears I hope they got a big hairball stomach ache. However, that is how they exist and if the years are extra sparse of wild rabbits they will come very close. By the way, you City dudes! Those of us that are up close and personal with these animals call them cy oats, no ee’s on the end. Sorry, you just can’t get this CO, OK, KS Plains gal to call them in City talk. Just had to say it!! I grew up with 2 brothers and many others that hunted them. Not to be tacky, that’s just the way it was back then and still is for this country gal.

  4. they are yotes I don’t are where they live or what other dog they have bred with and they kill for sport not just for food I have found dead deer not eaten just dead that they have killed they will kill a fawn just to kill it they will kill small dogs and at to just do it even if they’re not doing it for food and if there hungry i have no doubt they would go after a small child when we see them here in Mi. there is no thought about it there dead we don’t think they’re pretty and track their families and take pictures of them and gna go ah oh we shot them.they attack farm animals as well they will get so over populated in central park and will start attacking peoples pets as that are walking them and then people will be freaking out and screaming how could they let this happen and why didn’t they do something about them wait and see when they breed they don’t have one there dogs they have litters remember that.