“Just Say No” is an anti-drug campaign slogan that has been around for years. We’ve all heard it, but it sounds as if some coyotes are ignoring the advice.

It is possible that coyotes are high on hallucinogenic mushrooms and attacking cars along one stretch of highway? Sfist has the updates.

The sleepy beach town of Bolinas has something lively to talk about this week, as reports emerge that a coyote (or coyotes) has been attacking cars along Highway 1 in a manner so bizarre it has residents scratching their heads. The attacks are weird enough that one seemingly outlandish explanation, that the coyotes are eating hallucinogenic mushrooms and vision questing their way into interactions with drivers, is being considered… [continued]

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Jason Houser is an avid traditional bowhunter from Central Illinois who killed his first deer when he was nine years old. A full-time freelance writer since 2008, he has written for numerous national hunting magazines. Jason has hunted big game in 12 states with his bow, but his love will always be white-tailed deer and turkeys. He considers himself lucky to have a job he loves and a family who shares his passion for the outdoors. Jason writes full time and is on the pro staff of two archery companies; in his free time, he fishes and traps as much as possible.


  1. Coyotes will eat almost anything that will help them survive. They’re like goats. I’m not saying that this coyote is actually eating psychedelic mushrooms, but it does seem to have lost it’s fear of humans. Or, maybe like some dogs, it just likes chasing cars,(the whole predator chase response thing.) I hunt coyotes, and I know they definitely avoid cars around here. There are tons of them around and in the last few years, I’ve only seen one hit by a car in this area.

  2. I don’t know if this coyote is eating mushrooms, but usually they’re like goats or tiger sharks. They’ll eat most anything that will fill their bellies and keep them alive. Here, they eat anything from small animals, garden produce, cat or dog food if left around, red and grey fox, house pets, garbage, and fawns. Two or three can easily pull down an adult deer, and they do a lot of damage to the fawn population. I live in the Catskill Mountain area and coyotes here are much larger than their western cousins and very wary. You wouldn’t see one chasing cars around here. They avoid cars here like the plague. In all of the years I’ve been living here, I’ve only seen ONE that had been hit by a car. Hunting them here is very difficult because you need to do it mostly in timber and heavy brush. There are large numbers of them around, even in my back yard, but it’s difficult, at best, to get them to respond to a call. A lot of them around here are shot during deer season, or hunted with dogs.