There’s an old saying, “Come the earth’s demise, the last two living things will be a cockroach and a coyote.” It’s a testament to this wily predator’s incredible survival skills.

Once a symbol of the Old West, coyotes have moved East and can now be found across the US. This Predator Xtreme post details the coming of the coyote.

Eastern Coyotes weight 20-50 pounds and are significant predators.
Eastern Coyotes weight 20-50 pounds and are significant predators.

Wolf-like, with a long snout and bushy, black-tipped tail. The staff at Upper School in Englewood Cliffs first spotted it several weeks ago walking through the school parking lot. It has also been seen ambling across a back field. The coyote got close enough to be recorded by the school’s security cameras. County animal control officers set up traps. The local police advised that students be kept indoors during recess. The children have not been outside since. The Record reports that in the past few years, coyotes have appeared on the ice-bound shores of Lake Tappan, in some woods in Hackensack, and at the reservoir in Woodland Park. One attacked a dog last spring in Elmwood Park. Residents of Trenton report that coyotes are roaming the streets of the state capital at night. So many have made Princeton their home that the town debated — but ultimately dismissed — the idea of hiring sharpshooters to cull the population.

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