Black bear sightings in the East, once a rare occasion, have become commonplace as populations expand into places where they’ve not lived for hundreds of years. Although black bears rarely attack humans, their presence can be unnerving and an expensive nuisance as they enter cabins, destroy wildlife feeders, and otherwise look for food in human habitation. This New Hampshire black bear sniffed out a bird feeder and, scenting a tasty lunch of sunflower seeds, makes a move on a backyard until two bulldogs go head to tail with the intruder. Watch to find out how the action develops.

Has your pooch scared off any varmint or unwelcome visitors? Tell us about your four-legged friend’s exploits in the comments section below.

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  1. My cat has a dog that’s terrified of her. She used to not like the dog, but now they’re at a truce because she realizes the dog respects her…